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You, our clients, friends, partners and supporters, bless us every day. We are fortunate to spend our time educating and supporting our clients and friends on finding the best insurance policy for their situation. For some, this may not sound like fun. But for us, it’s great! Our philosophy for doing business, The Empowered Advantage™, is rooted in not only understanding our clients’ needs, but also how we can educate you on your best insurance options. And that is where we have the most fun – having the heart of a teacher!

We care about our clients and always strive to do more. We do our best to go beyond just answering questions and delve into the complexities of your lives so we can provide the best answers regarding your policies. We also do our best to have fun, be friendly, and give it our all. We care and want to share our expertise to make your lives better.

What is Care2Share?

We felt that the name of this program needed to express gratitude and focus on the heart of the matter – how thankful we are that you trust us enough to give us referrals. That is how we came up with Care2Share!

  • Care = Feel concern or interest; attach importance to something
  • Share = To partake of, use, experience, occupy or enjoy with others.

When we think about the meaning of Care2Share, it first means how much we care about you, and we appreciate how much you share with us. We care about what you choose to share with us, whether it is your personal information, a referral, or the name of your favorite local charity. We also want it to have special meaning for you and to understand we recognize how much you care and that anything you share is of great importance.

We started Care2Share in September 2014, and are so pleased with the outcome!

Below are the past Care2Share winners:

How does Care2Share work?

  • Every month, we draw a name from a list of people who provided us with a referral.
  • The winner of the drawing is eligible for $50 to be donated to the charity of their choice. Alkali will send the donation as you instruct us to.
  • We will do a shout out to our winner each month in our newsletter.
  • The Grand Finale! We will draw a name from the entire pool of folks who gave us a referral during the year. That person will receive:
    • A $500 donation from Alkali to the charity of your choice.
    • Special holiday article in our newsletter showcasing your chosen cause and why you believe it is so important.

We want you to know how much we appreciate your confidence in sending us a referral. That is a great gift, and we do not take it lightly. Because we recognize the importance of this gift, we will take action on the meaning of Care2Share by providing one person an opportunity to support their favorite charity. Caring and sharing – two of our favorite things!

If you Care2Share with us, whether to provide a referral, ask a question or receive a quote, we are here for you. Simply contact our qualified insurance specialists, who are prepared to share their heart of a teacher and share their expertise.

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