Care2Share: Your Referrals… Their Blessings


Last fall we embarked with you on an exciting journey called Care2Share — partnering with you to provide financial blessings to the wonderful charities that you support.

Each month, September – November, we drew a name from clients who provided us with a referral. This winner was eligible for $50 to be donated to the charity of their choice. It was a privilege for Alkali to learn about each of these amazing charities and to send the donation to help them.

For the Care2Share Grand Finale Winner, we drew a name from the entire pool of clients who had given us a referral during these three months. The winner received a $500 donation for the charity of his choice, plus this article showcasing his chosen cause and why he believes it is so important.

Drumroll, Please…

The 2014 Grand Finale Care2Share Winner is Wes Mason.

Wes’ choice of charity was Mazie’s Mission,, in Frisco, Texas. Mazie’s works with local animal shelters and rescue groups to provide services such as medical care and adoption assistance to save animals that might otherwise be needlessly euthanized.  Mazie’s opened a non-profit veterinary clinic in January 2014 that works exclusively with these groups to find all these animals loving homes. Wes currently has a foster dog in their home that was picked up as a stray. The puppy needed medical treatment and most likely would have been euthanized if Mazie’s hadn’t stepped up to save him. Now he is a beautiful, 6-month old happy, fun-loving puppy who is almost ready for a forever home. Wes finds it truly satisfying helping these animals that, through no fault of their own, are without a home or need medical treatment. Wes loved designating $500 to a great charity like Mazie’s Mission.

Helping is a way of life for Wes. Wes founded, Castle Senior Benefits, an agency which focuses mainly on helping seniors with their Medicare and Social Security benefits. His agency stays current on these topics, which are complicated and constantly changing, so they can help their clients make the best decision for their particular situation. Because they are an independent agency, they are not biased toward any particular insurance company and can make sure they find the best solutions for their clients. They are very service-focused and encourage their clients to contact them for help with any customer service issues. They also offer yearly reviews for their clients to ensure they continue to be in the best plan for them.

We Appreciate Your Trust
When asked why he felt comfortable referring others to Alkali, Wes stated, “We have had many positive comments from the clients we have referred to Alkali about the quality of the services they have received and also the great staff.” Wes went on to say, “The majority of our clients are eligible for Medicare.  We have found that Alkali is a reliable place where we can refer their younger spouses or other family members who are not yet eligible for Medicare and need health insurance.”

Strengthening Our Community
We are so thankful for amazing clients and the referrals you provide. Care2Share provided an opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate your referrals and to support causes that you feel are important. Together we can strengthen our community and help others in need along the way. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to continuing the Care2Share journey in 2015.


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