Healthcare Reform Update – Senate Rejects Bill to Partly Repeal ACA

On Friday, July 28, the Senate rejected a bill to partly repeal major aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

What was in the bill?

The proposed bill (also known as the “skinny repeal”) was a scaled-down version of the bill that was presented earlier this year, which was approved by the House of Representatives but later rejected by the Senate.

This skinny repeal bill proposed major changes to our health care system, which included:

  • Eliminating the individual and employer mandates 1
  • Eliminating the 2.3% medical device tax for 3 years 1
  • Increasing the number of people who are uninsured by 15 million next year 2
  • 20% increase in premiums for people buying insurance on their own 2
  • Cutting federal funds for Planned Parenthood for 1 year 2
  • Increasing federal grants to community health centers 2
  • Increasing the limit on contributions to Health Savings Accounts (HSA) 2
  • Allowing states to apply for waivers that would allow them to offer skimpier health care policies that no longer cover the 10 essential health benefits currently mandated by ACA 2
  • Eliminating the funds provided by the ACA for a wide range of preventative and public health programs 2

What’s next?

The Senate is back to business as usual and is beginning to focus on other hot topics, since the bill was rejected on Friday. If there is another attempt to repeal and replace ACA, it will most likely begin in committees, where bipartisanship is more likely. 2

We will continue to keep you up-to-date as more news becomes available about Healthcare Reform.

1 Senate rejects measure to partly repeal Obamacare GOP leaders dealt major setback
2 Senate rejects slimmed-down Obamacare repeal as McCain votes no


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