Hurricane Preparation Checklist


We’re almost halfway through hurricane season, and we have been very fortunate that no hurricane or tropical storm has reached Texas. However, hurricane season lasts through November, and we all know that it only takes one storm to reach land to cause major havoc.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting 11 to 17 named storms across the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico this hurricane season. Of these 11-17 storms, 5 to 9 are expected to become hurricanes and 2 to 4 to become Category 3+ hurricanes. 1

According to CoreLogic, 536,220 Texas homes are at-risk of being damaged by a hurricane, 30,020 of which are at extreme risk. Not surprisingly, Houston is ranked as the top metropolitan area in Texas at risk for a storm surge. There are 283,380 homes at risk for a storm surge in Houston, with total estimated recovery costs of over $53.3 billion. 2

To help you keep your loved ones and home safe from a hurricane this year, we’ve created the below hurricane preparation checklist. Completing this checklist will prepare you and your family and minimize damage to your home.

1. Make an emergency kit containing: 3

  Water and non-perishable foods
• Check the expiration dates every 6 months or so, and place the water bottles inside of a plastic storage container to prevent leaks
  First-aid kits and medications
• Keep your RX medications together so you can easily grab them on the way to your shelter-in-place if a hurricane is approaching
  Flashlights and extra batteries
  Crank radio
  Important documents

Keep the emergency kit in a secure location that you can access quickly – preferably in your shelter-in-place. It’s also a good idea to keep smaller emergency kits in your car in case you are stranded during a storm.

2. Establish a communication plan 3

  Sit down with your family to decide how you’ll get in touch with each other if you aren’t together during the storm
  Determine a safe location where you will meet after the storm has passed if you get separated

3. Contact your community 3

  Check with your local emergency management system to see if they have evacuation routes and predetermined storm shelters

4. Practice your plan 3

  Get your family together and put your plan into action. Make sure that everyone is familiar with the plan so you’re all prepared to act when a storm hits.

5. Protect your home 3

  Have a professional inspect your home to determine the proper ways to reinforce your doors, windows, walls, and roof to maximize your protection during a storm
  Purchase materials to reinforce your doors, windows, walls, and roof
  Remove or secure outdoor items such as patio furniture, debris, dead trees, and loose rain gutters
  Keep an updated inventory of your belongings
  Purchase flood insurance if your homeowner’s policy does not include flood protection
• Review the policy to make sure you know what is covered

1 Atlantic hurricane season may bring more storms than normal, according to NOAA
2 Hurricane storm surge puts 6.9 million homes at risk costing $1.5 trillion to rebuild
3 9 practical steps for hurricane preparation


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