Merry Christmas from the Alkali Team!

This year, we celebrated the five days of Christmas!

On the first day of Christmas we wore pajamas and wished it was still the weekend!
On the second day of Christmas we enjoyed a Christmas breakfast together!
On the third day of Christmas we competed to see who had the ugliest sweater!
On the fourth day of Christmas we exchanged cookies (and gained 5 pounds)!
On the fifth day of Christmas we drank hot apple cider and enjoyed each other’s company!

Alkali team photo
Alkali funny team photo
Alkali team wearing pajamas
Christmas Breakfast
Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Winners
Cookie Exchange

Some of our Alkalinian Elves were busy at their workshop this week and made little paper elves for each of our team members! At night, the paper elves would entertain themselves by having secret meetings, playing hide-and-seek, having snowball fights, and having lightsaber battles!

Alkali Christmas elves
Alkali elves having a secret meetings about meetings
Alkali elves playing hide-and-seek
Alkali elves having a snowball fight
Alkali elves having a light saber battle

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