Care2Share: Your Referrals… Their Blessings

Last fall we embarked with you on an exciting journey called Care2Share — partnering with you to provide financial blessings to the wonderful charities that you support. Each month, September – November, we drew a name from clients who provided us with a referral. This winner was eligible for $50 to be donated to the […]

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Do You Believe in Angels?

Angels conjure up images of celestial beings robed in white hovering over us to keep us safe and help us through tough times. Or perhaps your angels walk here on earth, providing you with help and support through their actions. Whatever the case may be, angels provide us glimmers of hope and shining positive light […]

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Home Sweet Technologically-Advanced Home

Every year in early January, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) sweeps into Las Vegas, providing glimpses into the future of technology for our lives, home and work. We found the ideas behind the “smart home” to be particularly fascinating and wanted to provide you with some of our favorites. These advances will be available soon, some even […]

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