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You might be asking yourself: “Self, what is a Catalyst, what is a ‘Change Letter,’ and why the heck is my insurance agent sending me fifty cent science words?”

Don’t worry, you are not alone, I was asked the same question by a valuable Team Member when I first announced the name of our newsletter. Here is my answer:

When we started AssuredPartners of Texas, the goal wasn’t to sell a lot of insurance policies; we weren’t against it, but it was never the goal. We saw confusion, chaos, and insanity in both our culture and our industry and although our calling wasn’t the ministry, we wanted to do something positive where we could live out our values.

Steven Neuner, President of AssuredPartners of Texas

Since then, we have done our best to do everything backwards and upside down. We partnered with Dave Ramsey, when no one really knew who Dave Ramsey was, because we believed in what he was doing and wanted to be a part of setting people free.

We set up our Unique Process, The Empowered Advantage™, where we educate our clients instead of “selling” them and we tell people when AssuredPartners of Texas is not the best option for them . To ensure that you always come first, we pay our consultants on a per client basis instead of a % of premium sold. We do this not because it makes us more profitable – it doesn’t – we do it because it is the right thing to do.

You see, for us it’s always been about helping people from the beginning, not selling insurance; that’s just a “cool” byproduct. So we thought: Why not have a newsletter that is about more than the products we sell?

Our Promise to You

We will not “over do it.” We are all too busy, get too much email, and don’t have time for any more “junk.” The Catalyst™ Change Letter will be short, impactful, interesting, and if we get it right, fun to read. If you have any story ideas or feedback, please let us know. After all, you are the reason we are here!